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Official Black Lives Matter Statement

Hello Dear Ones, I wanted to first give my apologies for the delay in my statement. I have been out doing community organizing work since the protests and marches in Los Angeles several days ago. This is a cause that matters a great deal to me and it should matter a great deal to you.

Black Lives Matter goes deeper than police brutality. It goes to the fact that Black people die in the hospital systems at much higher rates than any of their racial counterparts without factoring in any other intersections of marginalization. It goes to the fact that Black people can legally not be hired for the way their hair naturally grows out of their head. It goes to the fact that there are filters on dating apps that allow you to remove Black people from your dating pool. It goes to the fact that Black children are punished more frequently and with much more severity. It goes to the fact that our prison systems are filled to the brim with predominantly Black and Brown people who have been put away for non-violent offenses. The list goes on and on and on.

It is my belief that we, as non-Black birthworkers, MUST stand behind Black Lives Matter and strive to be anti-racist in our work. Racism and anti-Blackness are things we see far too often both in our clients interactions with medical staff and within our community. I have seen Black, Brown, and Indigenous birthworkers subject to racism from clientele, medical staff, and even other birthworkers. To ignore, deny, or push this away is an act of violence. To those that we serve and those that serve alongside us.

I am committed in my work to being anti-racist, pro Black, Brown, and Indigenous. Part of this means having resources for BIPoC for folks who want to work with others whose lived experiences mirror their own. In the coming week I will be updating my resource list of Black providers for the community.

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