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Guest Post - How to Offer Safe and Practical Pregnancy Support During The Pandemic

Guest Author: Emily Graham of Mighty Moms

If you are an expectant parent, you can find the compassionate support you need at any time and for any reason by visiting Of Earth + Salt. And if you want to provide extra comfort and support to a loved one who is expecting during the pandemic, you’ll find the practical, safe, and supportive resources below extremely helpful.

Gifts That are Kind and Caring

The beauty of gifts is that you can shop online and send them off without breaching social distancing recommendations. Here are some gifts your loved one will appreciate:

  • Hospital bag must-haves, like a robe or delivery gown.

  • Thoughtful presents that will reduce some of the stress of a pandemic pregnancy.

  • Self-care gifts that will also support black-owned businesses.

Support Without Gifts or Costs

You may not be able to budget for a gift right now, and that’s perfectly fine. Know that there are still ways to hold space for your loved ones and let them know you are here for them.

  • Perhaps you could surprise your friend with a beautifully penned letter.

  • You can also look for inclusive cards to celebrate and connect with them.

  • If you’re not burned out by Zoom, you can also set up virtual check-ins.

  • Schedule regular calls to let them vent about their worries.

Important Safety Tips to Remember

Being pregnant during a pandemic can be stressful. There’s no doubt about that. You may be tempted to comfort your friend in person but remember to put health and safety first.

  • According to experts, gatherings are risky but there are ways to play it safe.

  • The risk to pregnant people may be even higher, so do keep this point in mind.

  • Have a serious conversation about safety before you decide to meet up in person.

  • If you do decide to drop off gifts or meals, ask if you can make a contactless drop-off.

Supporting your loved one is important right now, but so is your health and safety. If you know someone who is expecting, try to stick with socially-distanced and responsible ways to show them you care. This can include gifts, letters, or phone calls. If you meeting up feels right, also make sure you both understand the risks and how to ensure your safety.

Of Earth + Salt provides full-spectrum services, resources, and support for a variety of topics, including pregnancy, postpartum, and sex education. Book a service today.

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