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A lot of times the question of “what is a doula” comes up. A doula is an individual (generally not a medical professional) who offers physical, mental, and emotional support through the various stages of pregnancy. There are different types of support:

  1. Full Spectrum- Support during any/all phases of pregnancy that may include abortion, stillbirth/miscarriage, labor, postpartum, and adoption.

  2. Labor- Support during the labor and birthing stages of pregnancy

  3. Postpartum- Support after the birth of a baby(ies)

  4. Fertility- Support during the conception phase prior to pregnancy

  5. End of Life- Support in making choices and facing the end of one's life

Regardless of any of the types or mixes of support a doula offers, we are here to make sure that you receive the care that you want and feel will set you up for the most success. We make sure that you keep your power in the situations and advocate for you to be able to make informed, consensual choices about your experiences.

Doulas are for everyone! It isn't just for a singular or specific set of circumstances that you need support. Navigating these waters can feel tricky and that is where we come in. Below is a link to the Evidence Based Birth blog about the benefits of having a labor doula. If that's what it does in labor, just imagine what it can do for other areas of your life!


At Of Earth + Salt, we are a co-operative of doulas who each have unique things to offer and are available for different types of guidance. However, it is the policy that we are inclusive and accepting of people from all different walks of life and supporting any sexuality and/or gender identity. We all operate on similar principals of inclusivity, mindfulness, and respect. See the profiles of our current doulas and what they have to offer. Click the photos for email inquiries. 

Ok y'all. Most folks who follow me know

Danie offers full spectrum support for all stages in a person's reproductive life. They have over 2 years of experience supporting a wide array of families such as LGBTQ+, single parents, & twin births to name a few!

Owner & Full Spectrum Doula

Danie Crofoot

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